Small scale synthesis:

Our synthetic team is very well trained, accepts and resolves challenges in synthetic organic chemistry involving variety of chemistry, for example heterocyclic compounds, asymmetric synthesis and multiple steps synthesis for the delivery of compounds as per custom requirement.

Coherent Pharmaceuticals specializes in following areas:

  • Small scale synthesis up to 1g
  • Medium scale synthesis from 1g to 100g
  • High scale synthesis from 100g to 1kg
  • Large scale synthesis from 10kg to 100kg
  • Stereoselective synthesis of chiral molecules
  • Drug Intermediates
  • Agro Intermediates
  • Impurity profiling and their synthesis
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Peptides
  • Reference compound and scaffold synthesis
  • Green Chemistry

Combinatorial chemistry:

We are well trained to take the requirement of library structuring and successful completion. The scientists are well equipped in designing, synthesis and purification of libraries by using parallel chemistry approach.

Custom synthesis:

We are committed and have experience and infrastructure at Coherent to carry out any custom synthesis. We are also open for collaborative medicinal chemistry program needs.